Welcome to California State Marijuana Insurance. Located in the AON building or the heart of the finance district of Los Angeles we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solution in protecting their business. To do this, we apply a multi-step coverage review in order to identify any gaps in your new or current policy. This allows us to see how the actual language of your policy corresponds with your limit of insurance. It is our way of making sure that the numbers you see in your declarations will actually work and make sense for you in the event of a claim. The unique risk and underwriting analysis we use helps us create a working insurance solution for your business. In addition to insurance, we have specialized top of the industry consultants right alongside with us to not only to protect your business in a calamity, but to even expand and grow it adequately all under one roof. That's why we're favored and recommended as the best cannabis insurance brokerage

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Located on the 43rd floor right in the AON Building